Episode Zero: Does Your Phone Hurt?

In this inaugural episode, Don and Mike give the Unicorn Watch once-over to POORLY, a new social-media healthsourcing app that helps you cure your friends’ illnesses by clicking on them!

Featured this episode:

  • CLAPPR: online dating gateway for venereal communities.
  • POORLY: social-socialworking app for crowdsourced folk diagnostics.
  • UBERBULANCE: disruptive ambulance-hailing app — because sometimes even an ambulance needs a kick in the pants.

Sponsored by: SNRDLR!


3 Replies to “Episode Zero: Does Your Phone Hurt?”

  1. Suggestions!
    Qwkr: an app that generates confusing misspelled names for everyday items. Why use pens when you could use NkStkz?
    Petflix: movies of herbivores for bored carnivorous pets
    NeighborhoodWatch: streaming video from your unsuspecting neighbors’ webcams
    Microserf Overlord: A handy app for managing your serfs, dungeons, punishment schedules, tenant fees and wealth.
    SwipeUp: Tired of the old stereotype that left is bad and right is good? This app that allows you to swipe up and down instead of left and right to express your preferences.
    AppApp: an app for apps

  2. SleepNoMore: Fully integrated with your Fitbit to call you when you fall asleep.
    DutchDate: A dating tool that pairs fellow single people for a virtual webcam dinner dates. Each person gets to pay for their own meal. Never eat alone.
    YouLikeMe: Audibly says “like” when someone likes your social media material with voice options.
    EmojionalDistress: A counseling app that listens to your problems and treats your distress with helpful emojis.

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